Friday, February 16, 2018

Well, 2018 is going to be a big year in my scooter world. I will be scootering all over the world along with the regular "Oyster Tours". The Oyster Tours have been a little slow getting started this year due to cold weather and garage construction. But they are starting up.

The big journey, however, begins in mid-April when Fred and I once again point west and head for California. This will be a leisurely journey visiting old and new places.  We will hustle through the gulf coast to Austin, Texas where we will begin to slow our journey. Meandering down to the Big Bend National Park we hope to see the millions of cactus in bloom or at least some of them. From there we head over to Mafra, Texas, a artsy craftsy town in the middle of no where. We hope to visit the McDonald Observatory to see the stars up above. Into New Mexico letting the road take us where ever it wishes we hope to see Space Port America where private space craft will take off and land from their space journeys. Meandering the Canyons of Arizona. Visiting, we hope, friends in California before putting Fred in the barn in Oakland, California.

Then I fly back to St. Pete to rest for a few days before driving the 2018 Team Snail support vehicle back to Morro Bay, California for the start of the 2018 Scooter Cannonball competition on May 26. I will drive in support of my brother Scott and returning team members Walt Driggers III and Bill Leuthold. After the competition finishes in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I will fly back to California for renunion of old mates from Germany and then begin the trek back across America to home.

In September I will fly across the Atlantic to Barcelona Spain to join the Vespa Club De Medtirano for two week ride through northern Spain. From there Vicki and I will wander aimlessly somewhere.

So buy some Monkey Butt powder and come along for the ride.